Knife Models for 2020 by Derespina Knives

Here are my knives. This is what you can order from me or find through a dealer as listed in my Links page. All my knives are consistent in profile and style. However, you will see some that look a little different from one to the next as I sometimes like to keep it interesting and “mix it up” with different grinds and embellishments. I use G10 for handle material exclusively but can use other materials such as exotic woods or micarta. I really prefer G10 for its durability and very light weight. Nothing textures quite like it, nothing!

The steel I use most often is 154CM but on occasion I will use D2, or S30V. Ultimately any steel will react and perform excellently with proper ergonomics for the user, proper bevel and edge geometry for cutting ability and edge retention. The differences between most steels being maintenance. Some are more corrosion resistant than others and require less maintenance which is preferable in my philosophy.

Model 1 Karambit.

My first real karambit released 10 years ago. Before any of the Big names in the Knife industry started kranking them out. This is the one that started the craze! 3″ blade point to hilt. 7″ OAL. 154cm steel RHC 58 to 60.

Model 2 Karambit .

This is the second real karambit I ever made. When i say “real” I mean sell-able. Oh I sold the older versions but they do not compare to what I do now and the first 7 models you see here have all undergone some minor adjustments to the ergonomics and profile.

Model 3 Parong Karambit .

This is the 3rd of the first batch of “real” knives I did. It has also undergone some minor adjustment. Fox Knives Italy made a version of this one although very different it does have my name on it. 4″ Blade of pure WORKER!

Model 4 karambit .

4″ blade tip to hilt is deceptive as the curve adds a little extra length on the inside. This one is shown with extra serrations. Typically it would have the single serration on the back edge near the front. When you run outta bullets, this is your next best bet!

Model 4XL “Cock Diesel”.

This was originally a customer request that quickly became a customer favorite. 6″ Blade at about 10.5″ OAL. 

Model 5 Wharncliffe Karambit.

This is the updated version of the Famous Model 5 Karambit with a Wharncliffe style blade. Typically double edged and often with the back edge serrated. 5″ of pistol grip(forward grip) thrusting power and in Pikal or Traditional Karambit reverse grip, the angle in which the blade its in relation to the handle maximizes slashing and cutting power.

Model 6 Battle Karambit.

This is the Model 6 battle Karambit. 6″ Blade approximately 10 1/4″ OAL. This is the Modernized throwback to the ancient Indonesia and SE Asia. A Model 6 was featured iin Blade Magazine in 2006. 

Model 7 Wharndagger.

In the beginning, all I made were Karambits. I tried hard to promote the style of knife and the fighting methods that favor it. Then I felt the need and heard the call from customers to make other more traditional Western style blades. Well, the first was the Model 7 Wharndagger. Just my take on a Mil/Tac style Wharncliffe. Very pointy and very practical. 4″ Blade, 3/16″ thick approx. 9″ OAL.  This particular one is in random pattern Damascus steel with Black liners and Jade Green G10 scales. Damascus steel orders are more expensive because the steel is more expensive. This model comes standard in 154cm normally.

Model 8 Karambit.

Undoubtedly one of my most recognized and popular knives. The Model 8 is a cross breed of traditional and Modern tactical practicality. Everyone raves about the ergonomics on this one and the carry-ability 3/16″ thick steel, 21/2″  blade that hides an additional 1/2″ of curve. 6 3/4″ OAL. 

Model 9 Street Kris(Keris).

The Model 9 was my second attept a the Kris. It started out as a Wedge style double sided chisel grind but soon morphed into a more traditional double ground design. Normally I grind these to a Zero edge, meaning there is abolutely no traditional ede it is at zero degree angle. This gives it superb slicing ability. I can at customers request give it an orthodox edge. 4″ Blade appox 8.5″ OAL.

Model 9 Roided Kris.

Same as the Model 9 Kris but with a 6″ Blade. Very fast in the hand!

Model 10 Karambit (custom version).

This is the custom version of the now infamous Model 10 Production knife. I originally had these made by a factory and sold them at a competative retail price. At that time NO ONE was selling a fixed blade Karambit that could be carried in most states. This however, is the Custom version. 2 1/6″ Blade with very slight curve. The angle in which the blade style sits in relation to the handle creates maximum cutting and slashing power as well as penetration.

Model 11 Kuku Hanuman.

A slightly more traditional style with a few minor modern touches. A nice curve but not so much you can’t move straight forward. 3″ Blade at approx 7.5″ OAL. .140″ thick 154cm. RHC 58 to 60. Double ground standard, can be chisel ground on request.

Lucky 13.

Lucky for you but unlucky for the unsuspecting bad guy! This lil’ guy has just under 1 5/8″ Blade with the Triple edge and a single back edge serration. Approximately 5 1/6″ OAL. 154cm steel. RHC 58 to 60. .140″ thick. Light and fast! They won’t see it coming! Standard chisel ground, can be ordered double ground. This one is shown with optional chord wrapped handle and single serration on the bottom reverse side as well. This ones gonna sting! Don’t be fooled by imitations. There’s plenty out there after I released this knife over 12 years ago. Some deliberate, some accidental but copy cats none the less. 

Brooklyn Bowie.

This is my EDC style Tactical Bowie appropriatelt named the Brooklyn Bowie for it’s distinctly Urban style. 3/16″ thick with 4″ Blade, nice belly, very fast in your hand and the ergos are outstanding! Approx. 8 3/4″ OAL.

Slim Kris.

This is 5″ of scary art! Zero ground, super slim profile at about 9.5″ OAL. Super fast in hand great slicing and penetration..140″ thick 154cm.EDCC “Every day combat carry”.

This is what I think of when I think EDC. Exept for the pistol grip styling and D style 2 finger guard brings “tactics” as well as “utility” to mind. 2 3/8″ Blade and 6 1/16″ OAL. 3/16″ thick stock with G10 scales. Imagine a pistol grip Push dagger.

Model 15 EDC tanto. 


This is 3/16″ thick 154cm a hair under 2″ Blade. Broad and stout this sucker will fill your hand snug and add the extra umph your fist needs to pull you through. Ease of carry with this one. 6″ OAL. These come Skeletonized standard. G10 can be added, fees apply. These also come right side chisel ground standard but can be made double ground. Serrations must be requested, no charge.  

Skeletanto Neck knife.
5 3/4″ OAL 154cm 1/8″ thick. Right side hollow chisel ground. Approximately 2″ blade. The ergos are great on this and it has been and can be made in thinner stock if required. I have also had these with scales per request. Price varies according to requirements.

TFF (Two finger fighter).(skeletonized/no handle). with G10 handle.
4 1/2″ OAL with a 2 3/8″ Blade. Very deceptive looking design because its ergos fit more finger than it would appear or its over all length would imply. 1/8″ thick 154cm. Right side hollow or flat chisel grinds. Can be ground to zero. A nice stout lil Gunter if there ever was one! They come in a raw orange peel finish or a satin jeweled finish.